1. Urology & Urogenital Surgery

departmentsAll case of Urogenital disease are admitted round the clock. Dr. Ajay Kumar, FRCS, FICS, FIMS (Uro.) with his team of dedicated workers gives comprehensive Urological services to diagnose and treat such patients. This unit has facility for management of all types of Urological disease by endoscopic and other available modes of treatment which include CYSTOSCOPY, TURP, TURBT, OIU and endoscopic lithotripsy of urinary stones. We have direct access to a modern “Lithotripsy Centre for urinary stones which are suitable for such procedures . We are al so doing LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY for different urogenital disease.

Major Operation
TURP ,¦TUIBN ,¦TURBT ,¦Pyeloplasty ,¦Urethroplasty ,¦Laparotomy ,¦Nephrolithotomy ¦Internal lithotripsy ,¦Re Implantation of Ureter ?Intermidiate Operation ¦OIU ,¦Vericosiltie ¦Orchidopexy ,¦Cystolithotomy

Minor Operation
¦Cystoscopy ,¦Cystoscopy + RGP ,¦Hydrocele ¦Circumcison ¦Testicular Biopsy ,¦Prostatic Biopsy ,?Laparoscopic Surgery

2. ICU Emergency & Trauma Centre – Our 24Hrs emergency & trauma services caters the critically ill patients with advanced monitoring system.

3, General Surgery – We have a specialized General Surgery department for treating the patients

4.. Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery & General Surgery

Facilities for operation by the most modern method of LAPROSCOPIC SURGERY are available for operations of gall bladder stones, appendix ovaries, uterus, lymph node Biopsy etc. The key hole surgery offers the best in the cost and comfort to the patient.

5. Obstetrics & Gynaecology Unit 

6. Orthopaedics