plam-view-hospitalHospital has three storey building and has constructed area of 14000 sq. feet (Ground floor 5000sq. feet, 1 st and 2 nd floors 4500 sq feet each). Following departments and units work in different floors:-

GROUND FLOOR (Area 5000 sq. feet) : we have Reception & Waiting Hall, Pathology, X-ray, Ultrasound, Medical Hall, Urodynamic Room, Doctor’s Chambers, Minor Operation Theater, Blood Bank

about-usFIRST FLOOR (Area 4,500 sq. feet) Operations Theater Complex (Area 3000 sq. feet)- Clean Area. ,Operation Theaters (1 st & 2 nd ), I.C.U ,Doctors Changing Room, Pantry & Sterilizations Room and Oxygen Storing Room

General Rooms for Patients (Area 1500 sq. feet)

SECOND FLOOR (Area 4,650 sq feet.) AC Rooms Complex ( Area 1,500 sq. feet) Library & Conference Room (Area 350 sq. feet) Miscellaneous (Area 2,800 sq. feet),Cabins Staff Residence and Doctor’s Residence