Our Mission : Promote, restore and maintain the health of all the people we serve.

Our Values

Patient-Centered Care – In all our endeavours, we are guided by the needs of the patient, creating a partnership that is effective and personal across the continuum of care.

Community – We actively develop partnerships that will improve our community and, as stewards of a public trust, we ensure informed and dignified care for all patients regardless of their ability to pay.

Relationships – We develop and strengthen collaborative relationships with all of our customers, including our patients, their families, our employees & medical staff.

Diversity – We recognition, respect and actively support differences among individuals and demonstrate this philosophy through our words and actions.

Human Resources – We support the professional and personal growth of employees in their pursuit of the hospital’s mission.

Organisational Ethics – We are guided by ethical values that emphasise honesty, fairness, dignity, and respect for the individual.